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SISTERs Stories Podcast

"When I came to the safe house I knew what I wanted to do – get my GED. It always bothered me that I didn’t have a diploma, but my kids’ father would never let me take the test. I think he thought that if I got an education I’d be smart enough to leave him behind. Well, I was. And when I got to that house I signed up for a GED program right away. Then life got in the way. I moved out of the house and got my own place but it was hard to get to the classes. Whenever Tess from WRC would come visit she would encourage me to try again and remind me why it was so important to me. So I tried it again. And I passed!  I had my graduation ceremony in July and now I’ve signed up for a Career Track Program. I feel so encouraged for the future. I believe in myself, thanks to those little nudges Women’s Resource Center gave me along the way."


"When I finally had to file a protective order against my gentleman friend, I found out that DeKalb County has a program to help older adults like me. I left with just my clothes and only had my pension and a part-time job. It was hard to get the things I needed and to find a new place to live that I could afford. Women’s Resource Center helped me with food, transportation and my medical expenses while I stayed with a family member. It took more than six months, but we finally found an apartment I could afford, and Women’s Resource Center helped me move in. They also got me furniture from the Furniture Bank and all the kitchen stuff and other things I needed. At my age, I shouldn’t have to live like I was living. I’m thankful I’m safe and independent and that Women’s Resource Center was there to help."


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