Learn more about the process of becoming a volunteer, including our volunteer training requirements, by scheduling an interview.  Please email volunteer@wrcdv.org or call 404-370-7670.


Safe House Volunteers
Hotline Operators

Volunteer positions at the safe house include both direct and indirect service opportunities such as support group facilitation, infant and toddler care, assisting with children's activities, transportation assistance, providing activities or educational opportunities for residents, one-on-one peer advocacy, and organization of donations. Our safe house is confidentially located in DeKalb County.

Hotline advocates answer WRCDV's 24-hour hotline from our confidentially-located safe house. Advocates screen for admittance to the house, help callers create plans for their safety, offer information about WRCDV's services, explore resources and provide referrals. Most importantly, hotline advocates listen compassionately and without judgment as callers tell their stories.

Youth Mentors

Volunteers spend quality time with child and teenage safe house residents, developing trusting relationships and modeling healthy interactions with others. Mentors help with homework, play games, supervise art projects, facilitate conversation groups, and chaperone outings.

Legal Advocacy

Volunteer legal advocates help survivors write and file Temporary Protective Orders in DeKalb County. Advocates discuss legal rights and possible legal options. Volunteer legal advocates accompany women to the DeKalb County Courthouse as they proceed through the system. Most volunteer positions require daytime availability.


Support Groups

WRCDV support groups use a peer facilitation model, and experienced support group facilitators are needed. Groups meet on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Additional training is required and active support group facilitators are required to attend monthly continuing education classes.

Nia's Place

Nia's Place is WRCDV's supervised visitation and exchange center. Volunteers serve as escorts, visit monitors, and administrative assistants. Nia's Place is located in Decatur, GA. Additional training is required. Call 404-371-1051 for details.


Outreach and Education

Volunteers represent the agency at local health fairs, mission fairs, and town hall meetings throughout the Atlanta area. Volunteers answer questions about WRCDV's mission, programs, history, and funding.

Share your talents!

WRCDV loves to have volunteers share their passions and talents.  Do you teach yoga? Can you knit? Do you have a passion for dance? Call us at 404-370-7670 to explore ways to share your passions with the women and children we serve.


(404) 688-9436



PO Box 171

Decatur, GA 30031



If you need help immediately, please dial 911 or call our 24-hour hotline at 404-688-9436.

(404) 370-7670


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