SISTERs Stories  Podcast

Episode 01 - Nikki

MAR. 1, 2021

Nikki highlights the strength that brought her through domestic violence and how she has been able to rebuild a life filled with joy.


Episode 02 - Rhonda

MAR. 8, 2021

Rhonda shares how the power of personal authority and the courage to choose happiness for herself and her boys helped her escape domestic violence.


Episode 03 - Najla

MAR. 15, 2021

Najla shares her powerful journey to healing and self-forgiveness and offers some wise advice about how communities and individuals can work to end domestic violence.


Episode 04 - Charnte

MAR. 22, 2021

Charnte speaks on her wisdom about identity, inner strength, parenting and more.


Episode 05 - Ms. Rax

MAR. 28, 2021

Ms. Rax talks about her journey to healing and how she reminds herself she is a woman of substance.