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Women's Resource Center Holds Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Check out this weekend’s AJC coverage of Champions for Change! By highlighting the impact of domestic violence and the need for change, the AJC has helped us continue to raise awareness of our work to end domestic violence.

As Jean Douglas, our executive director, shared at Champions for Change, "There's no place like home. Home should be a place of comfort and refuge. The place that holds some of our favorite things and people. Rarely do we imagine it as the place where we feel most vulnerable and afraid. But that is the reality for many.”

The AJC article captures the highlights of the night including Chloe’s courageous journey, Camp PEACE, and the amazing work of the Home Depot Legal Department for their commitment to our mission. With the help of our supporters and sponsors, we raised a record-breaking $200,000 in donations from our attendees in addition to the generosity of our corporate sponsors, bringing our total fundraising to more than $480,000!

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this event one for the books!

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