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Dr. Clery appointed to City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Violence Reduction

Congratulations to WRC Community Engagement Board member Dr. Michael Clery for his appointment to City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Violence Reduction as the inaugural deputy director!

“I am proud of the City of Atlanta for investing in public health approaches to intervene and prevent violence that will make all Atlanta residents safer, and I am excited to be part of the Office of Violence Reduction,” says Clery.

Dr. Clery’s clinical work at Grady Health System includes improving care for victims of trauma such as violent injury, domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking. Dr. Clery is also responsible for forming a partnership between WRC and Grady's emergency department during the COVID-19 pandemic to find emergency housing for ER patients presenting with injuries related to domestic violence.

We are excited for Dr. Clery's leadership in the field of violence prevention and look forward to working with the Office of Violence Reduction to make our communities safer.

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