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Camp PEACE Goes Virtual

Camp PEACE is one of our most important programs. Working with children is a vital component of our mission to end domestic violence and were we devastated by the thought of not holding camp this summer. So we did what we do best: rolled up our sleeves, got creative, and created something beautiful for the families we serve.

Phase 1:

Camp PEACE kits

Our Camp PEACE kits were created to help meet the needs of families and to promote the goals of Camp PEACE. The kits contain social-emotional activities, peace education projects, and other trauma-informed fun that aims to build resiliency in kids while staying at home. These kits target five major themes: technology, science, self-care, art, and calm down strategies.

Phase 2:

Virtual Camp

Phase two was the launch of our new virtual learning site. On the site, campers have access to virtual programming and earn incentives for engagement.

Phase 3:

Socially Distanced Field Trips

Phase three is to incorporate small, socially distanced field trips of 10 or less people in open-air environments. The feasibility of the phase depends on current health and safety guidelines for the metro area. 

Learn more about our plans for Camp PEACE 2020 here:

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