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2023 Impact Report

"As we reflect on the past year and plan for the next, I am honored to share our Impact Report for 2023. In this report, we acknowledge and celebrate the progress we have made in supporting survivors of domestic violence while also recognizing the challenges that persist, particularly in the realm of affordable housing," writes Jean Douglas, executive director.

"One of the most pressing issues facing survivors in our community is a dire shortage of affordable housing in Atlanta. As rents continue to rise and housing options dwindle, survivors are often left with limited, undesirable choices when seeking to escape abusive relationships and start their new lives in safety and comfort. The decision to leave a violent home is already fraught with complexities and dangers, and the lack of safe, affordable housing exacerbates these challenges."

Click the image below to download the full report.

Additional highlights from the report:

  • Hotline calls increased by more than 35% in 2023.

  • We served 31% more unduplicated clients across our programs.

  • We doubled the number of families receiving transitional housing assistance.

  • We increased the number of adults receiving individual counseling/mental health support by 38%.

  • We increased the number of kids receiving weekly resiliency check-ins after moving out of the safe house by 74%.

  • We increased the number of families to whom we provided financial assistance by 27%.

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