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Barbara Discusses the Benefits of Mindfulness

Atlanta News First sat down with Barbara Gibson, WRC's Director of Housing Services, to discuss the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation is a habit Gibson started cultivating in her thirties.
“When difficulty arises I have more confidence that I can be with it. I don’t feel, every time, that I am going to fall off a cliff,” she said.
It became a kind of medicine, helping her separate herself from her anxiety.
“I feel like I can see what is happening and not be what is happening,” said Gibson.
Gibson works at the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence. She uses meditation and mindfulness with the mothers and children at the safe house, to help them start to realize they are out of harm’s way.
“When I sit down with women individually, I do invite them into a moment of stillness doing so can bring you this sense of ‘I am in this moment. I am here right now,’ she said.

Click the link above to watch the full interview!

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