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'Camp Peace' helping domestic violence victims

Thank you to 11Alive for spreading awareness about Camp PEACE!

At Camp PEACE, our mission is to bring children exposed to domestic violence together for a transformative experience. Through a carefully designed program rooted in Peace Education and Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning, we empower these young hearts to learn alternatives to violence, practice peaceful problem solving, and embrace values such as tolerance, impartiality, affection, self-compassion, and compassion for others.

During their time at Camp PEACE, our campers engage in a wide range of activities that facilitate Peace Education, Action, Compassion, and Empathy. From creative arts to community-building exercises, from field trips to mindfulness practices, each experience is thoughtfully crafted to support their emotional well-being and nurture their innate capacity for healing and growth.

Join us in spreading the word about Camp PEACE and the incredible work being done to create a future free from violence!

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