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WRC's Core Values

At Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, we are:


We are committed to contributing to an environment that fosters belonging and where people feel seen and heard. This is a welcoming space to connect, safely challenge, learn, contribute, and grow. We support building and nurturing each person’s capacity for joy and change. We care about people for their own sake, apart from titles, possessions or accomplishments.

Advocates for healthy relationships

We are advocates for healthy relationships by building emotionally and physically safe spaces. We support survivors in their life journeys and elevate their voices, speaking for survivors only when they are unable to speak for themselves. Our programming centers the growth of resilience and the creation of thriving communities.

Champions of survivor-centered services

We offer programs that recognize and honor domestic violence survivors’ full humanity and our shared right to live fulfilling lives free from suffering. We derive our expertise by listening to survivor experiences and honor their trust in all the services we provide.

Advocates for justice and equity

We ensure that the survivors we serve have access to the information they need to make informed decisions. We value diversity & demonstrate progressive ideology by centering and uplifting the voices of Black women. We recognize the right of all marginalized groups to live lives free from family violence. We are dedicated to influencing the systems that uphold violence to create a safer world for all.

Thought leaders and innovators

We are courageous leaders with a commitment to community engagement. We use the knowledge imparted to us by the lived experience of domestic violence survivors to lead discussion, influence policy, and create change. Our programming is innovative and we respond to the world around us without being inhibited by what we are told is possible. We envision a domestic violence movement that is by us, for us, and are dedicated to influencing the future of survivor advocacy.

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