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If you need help immediately, please dial 911 or call our 24-hour hotline at 404-688-9436.


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                Sponsor a Program

Help us ensure safety for women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

Studies show that the period after leaving a relationship can be one of the most dangerous for a DV victim. However, even with a Protective Order in place, many victims must have regular contact with their batterer to exchange children for visitation or custody. Supervised visitation or safe exchange services can help survivors significantly increase their safety during this time. 


Nia’s Place provides supervised visitation and supervised exchange of children for families affected by domestic violence.  Nia’s Place provides a place for visits and exchanges to occur that prioritizes the physical and emotional safety of the entire family. 

At Nia’s Place Supervised Visitation and Exchange Center, visiting parents can share visit time with their child(ren) that is peaceful and enjoyable. Visits are scheduled for one hour, and visit rooms are stocked with toys, games, and interactive activities for parents and children to share. Visits are monitored at all times by trained staff and security officers are present to ensure the safety of all parties. At no time do parents come into contact with one another.

Visit the Nia's Place website to learn more.

Sponsorship Levels

Provide twelve months of safe visits at Nia’s Place for one family​.

Provide security for one week at Nia’s Place, to ensure women and children remain safe.

Provide one day of supervised visits and exchanges at Nia’s Place.

Provide safe space for children to visit with a parent for one hour.